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I can’t believe my little blog to help other single parents in their health and fitness goals, all the issues that come with being a single parent from career, money and debts to helping people deal with eating disorders, fertility problems, depression and anxiety.

My life has changed dramatically over the past 4 years from being married with 2 young kids with a steady job with all you benefits you could want to now being my own boss, setting up Moodfit.co.uk my personal training and nutrition business as well as my fashion boutique Moodchic.com

My love of alternative therapies, after going through 3 years of counselling I discovered mindfulness and am now sharing with others, I have a course to do but shared some of my learnings a few weeks back at the #brownies #magherally

Taking some time out to connect our minds and bodies and learn to live in the moment and be grateful for what we have including mostly pets it would seem and a few mums and dads threw in there too.

My moodfit nutritional plans and my recipes which are designed to help boost your mood through the essential vit b range, omega range as well as a lot of others. Eating the right foods can have an amazing effect on the mind and the body.

I love food don’t know how I ever starved myself my fear of getting fat and not eating the right foods, now I love what I eat all of the fresh fruit and veg, natural sugar treats and the amazing nutritional system which gives me that added energy, mental clarity and ability to deal with stress I never thought I would ever experience as I couldn’t get this from food alone.

I just love helping people giving them different and better solutions than taking tablets, there are so many other therapies, herbal remedies for all of life’s stresses and strains and if our bodies are healthy with the right nutrition then we just need to maintain and occasionally get a treatment done like acupuncture, do mindfulness everyday, positive affirmations there are so many things today if you want to achieve more than your 9to 5 job.

I just ant to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and been a part of this journey I do it all for these 2 amazing little girls who without my life would be a lot less stressful but also a less fun and filled with love.

So what’s next?

I will continue to build my brand with membership sites and programme, getting involved in the community to help educate people on the importance of health and fitness, the impact it has on our mental health as well as our future health.

I have joined up with an amazing social enterprise called purpose enterprises we want to be able to offer programmes into schools and workplaces to help deal with stress and the underlying cause of depression, anxiety and stress. By offering alternative therapies to help give people the skills to deal with stress and tools for their everyday life to help them succeed in all areas of life.

We want to build a sanctuary where we hope to be able to offer a range of holistic therapies, nutritional advice, exercise, counselling and more to try and tackle the issues of mental health before we have another suicide.

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So support us by donating or getting involved at #purposeenterprises

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