5 days of Christmas

I’ve always been creative whether it’s making cakes and buns or making presents I love creating things. I also love the beach and always loved collecting shells every time we went to the beach, thanks Mum!

This was actually one of one first creations I made for a friend who was getting married. Everyone thought it was good so everyone I go to a beach I collects stones and Male pics as gifts for friends and family.

This one was of a family, 2 families coming together another favourite.

There is always the question what to get for your teacher so I started created these pics for teachers as well this was from last year.

I love making these it’s one of the #mindful things I do. Going to the beach to collect them dip our toes in the freezing water then the putting them together finding the right stone to make the picture in my head.

I always make gifts to give to friends for birthdays, Christmas, births, weddings whatever and they are special as I made them and hopefully they go on walls and not the bin.

You never know what talents you have until you try something different.

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