A new chapter

Are you ready to turn the page on your old life and start a new chapter. Our lives are a blank book and there’s always the opportunity to change what is going to happen by changing what is making you unhappy.

so start with what is getting you down

1. don’t like my job

2. need to lose weight

3. don’t have enough time to do anything

4. always tired

1. so looking at these for an example the first goal would be to look for a new job

how are you going to make this happen, do you need to retrain, register on sites, do up a new CV etc

2. Need to lose weight, set yourself a target weight, fit exercise into your life on a daily basis something you will enjoy and change your eating habits to healthier ones

3. don’t have enough time, look at what you actually spend your time on youd be surprised how much time you waste on unnecessary things. Get up earlier, go to bed earlier and prioritise what is important in your life.

4. If you are tired then you need to look at your bedtime routine and change it so look at what you do before bed, are you getting enough sleep, go to bed earlier, read at night and make sure you make a list of what you need to do the next day to clear your head.

if you want to do something set a goal, then how you are going to achieve it and a timeline when these things need to be completed by and your new chapter will be very exciting.

its never too late to change how you look or feel about yourself, change careers, make new

friends and find someone new in your life or a new hobby. You are not alone, we are all searching for things and as we grow older or perspective on life changes and we appreciate more than money can bring.

your health and your happiness should be your priority.

if you need any help with your goals just give me a shout

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