A walk in the park

They say life should be a walk in the park but often it is not but even a walk in the park isn’t easy. It takes about 2 hours as we stop to get Cara as she clampers through the mud. I then walk along a tree that goes into the water and all I can say is I’m glad I’m not a man as I landed straight down with tree between my legs not what I had in mind.

You think I would listen to my own advise when I tell the girls don’t be walking on that it’s slippy and you will fall, so Cara then did it a few minutes later and fell for covered in luck. While this may seem normal this used to kill me getting covered in muck then back to the car covered in muck made me really anxious probably because I was the one who would have to clean it all up but now I just pick myself up and my kids we laugh it off wishing we had of got it caught on camera.

We finally got rounds some snacks from the shop as have no money even for a coffee then off to the park as it starts to get dark.

Finally we walked back to the car in the dark and headed home with lots of muck, fresh air and exercise.

Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to go out but even some fresh air and exercise can help get you motivated and feeling more able to face the world.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and while I love the new year coming in it also holds sad memories from the past and being on my own but this year has been a hard one and I know next year is going to be amazing. I am going to make my business work and make my kids so proud of me, be finally happy with myself and being on my own. I will make enough money to provide for my kids and hopefully a few extras and help lots of people to finally live and stop living their lives round food and finally discover how to eat and not diet anymore.

My classes and membership will be live from 7th Jan watch Moodfit.co.uk for my new website coming soon so you can sign up

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