Amp up your workouts

AMPED™ Nitro

Training sessions are tough enough, so we’ve created AMPED Nitro, your new pre-workout solution, to provide energy, strength and focus so you can push harder, train better and go further in your workout. Whether you’re just getting started or are an elite athlete, AMPED Nitro is here to take your training to the next level.

Ultimate blend of targeted ingredients to help increase power, strength and speed

Informed Sport certified

You won’t find any artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners inside

Drink 15-30 minutes before exercising to fuel your workout

Refreshing watermelon flavor

soy-free gluten-free

What makes it clean, powerful, and effective?


Be alert! Every scoop provides you with 80mg of naturally sourced caffeine from tea leaves.


Get fuel to your muscles! Arginine helps to increase levels of nitric oxide, which gets more blood flowing to your muscles to deliver more oxygen and nutrients so you can work harder.


Increase your power! Creatine is a naturally occurring compound that helps supply energy to muscle, which can result in increased power, strength and speed.


Keep pushing until the end! Beta-alanine produces carnosine, which decreases the buildup of lactic acid to help reduce fatigue.

Informed-Sport Certified:

Competitive athletes can feel confident AMPED™ Nitro has been tested for quality and World Anti-Doping Agency banned substances.

Nitro Testimonials

The sessions that I’ve had while using Nitro have probably been the best five sessions I’ve had all year.”


Have I noticed a difference? Yes. The product will definitely be a permanent fixture in our house!”


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