Autumn falls

While I love how the colours of the leaves 🍁 change on the trees, the sound of crunching leaves under my feet, kicking leaves and jumping in muddy puddles. It drains me of energy.

The lack of sunshine means a decline in VitD and with it my harmones change I get really tired, find it so difficult to drag myself out of my bed when it is dark outside then travelling up that hateful M1 to work eyes 👀 so tired 💤 just feel like crawling back under my covers.

Buti have to go to work and kids to school and life must go on. On top of that I have had the cold on an off waking up every morning as if I’ve been out on the drink 🍷  all night I wish. I also have strained or possibly torn a muscle in my shoulder after pole last week and has been so painful so had to miss class and haven’t been able to do much exercise and was feeling good and getting stronger so I turn to food e specially chocolate these days not good I know .

So feeling a bit down finding it hard to get motivated to do anything and as I have little time to myself I feel like crap because I have sat on my bum watching TV instead of cleaning or tackling my never ending piles of ironing I never get on top of, will I ever probably not there are more enjoyable things to do with my days doing some #mindfulness #training some lighter exercise managed a cycle 🚲 think it helped my muscle and the fresh air is great for the mind.

Need to get on top of things have more time to myself now and still can’t get on top of basics but im now onto my 5th module of my #personaltraining course through #newskillsacademy can’t wait to get back to #pole #flyawayaerialstudio get my #diet on track reduce carbs and treats and alcohol increase fish and veggies and lots and lots of #waterwithlemon

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