Back to life, back to reality

This is how I feel sometimes like screaming, just letting go of my stress the costume is actually Cara’s for her tiger birthday

September has always been a month a dread getting back to school, homeworks, after school activities, work etc but with Cara being in school I don’t have to get up so early to exercise in the morning but can do when I leave her down, don’t have to worry about it being dark which I used to when I raced home from work to do a cycle or a run then straight to nursery to collect the girls.

My routines were so tight very rigid with little room to adapt to changes which would mean that sometimes life could just become a boring routine of the same stuff everyday but with my more flexible working hours and a few hours to myself life is finally starting to get a  it easier.

i am finally back to my aerial class after 3 weeks due to holiday and dislocated toe. Thought I would be way behind but was fine just couldn’t climb the pole with my left leg as toe was too sore.  But for so a few cool moves and some hoop. I have to say I love my class at #flyawayaerial studios I have found a new passion and helps me destress and escape from 2 screaming hyper girls for a few hours.

Haven t done much exercise since dislocating my toe don’t feel too bad been doing some conditioning and stretching instead trying to tone up.

Mark has taught me some amazing exercises so will see if they work hopefully will change my arms and legs and then I will share my secrets.

I even managed to put a few of the different moves into a sequence usually overthink it but managed to do it without mistakes first time so proud.

Wouldn’t download see my instagram page #chicmammacarla

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