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So I haven’t been up to much after dislocating my toe for the 3rd time so sore you wouldn’t believe and when you have kids to run about after a nightmare.

Luckily after lifting my youngest out of the bath it clicked back in otherwise I might have had to have a nightmare but luckily I got out of that one.

So I got back to pole, silk and hoop missed it so much I love it so much. I love what I can do with my body, overcoming my fear and my mind and having fun.

So attempted this one last week and butterfly 🦋 this week just a little bit further to push yourself.

I really love pole and learning to do all the new moves it also helps to tone up legs and arms and you may also get some bruises and skin burns along the way but they’re worth it. #pole #polefitness #flyawayaerialstudio

Loved doing this move difficult to do all ties but got there. Love #silks

Love the hoop to I loved doing the drop from man in the mood a really exciting move.

This has really helped to build my #selfconfidence #bodyconfidence #fit #fitmom #fitmoms #fitness #weights #fitnessmotivation

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