Beating Winter blues

I suffer from depression so every morning is a struggle it’s pitch black outside and my body just wants to listen to my brain that is saying ‘stay in bed in so nice and warm’ so I listen to it after my first alarm and second then finally drag myself out of bed when I realise I have 30 mins to get the 3 of us out the door and fed.

so my routine is blown out of the water can’t get up therefore haven’t been doing my exercises in the morning to boost my endorphins and set me up for the day as for a social life I become a recluse in winter prefer to go into Hibernation Just coming out to go to work and whatever the kids need so hard to get myself motivated.


go to bed earlier easier said than done only me time I get

set alarm earlier and actually get up

do some exercises

coffee a must

organise everything the night before I do try there’s always something missing

change all clocks to be earlier than it actually is

Anyway the fact I dislocated my foot again has meant no exercise or being able to get out for a week and eating stodgy food help I need to get out of this rut.

how? Make lists, sets rules, make menus, don’t buy treats for a while follow your plan and calendar give yourself 3 goals to achieve everyday start small otherwise you’re overwhelmed and give up before you start

So back to my class toe taped up so afraid of it going out again which I was told will happen ggggrrrrrr so did some pole and hoop

Can flip myself upside down now and was spinning on the hoop as well love this class it is all I have for me it’s tge me time when I’m not mummy and don’t have to care about how short my shorts are or how big my bum is etc it builds confidence where you don’t care we all have bits of our bodies we don’t like we have to accept what we have improve if you want and love yourself body and you will love yourself then the world will fall in love with you.

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