Being a single Mum with depression

Understanding the black dog  This is the book I read after I realised I had suffered from depression all my life after speaking to a councillor and being so disillusioned and vulnerable I had been unable to deal with my depression and had developed coping mechanisms to try and help me cope and I just accepted that was the way I was and as I hadn’t experienced normal life I had nothing to compare it to. After taking the antidepressants and getting the dose right I came back to life I felt alive the dark cloud had finally disappeared from over my head my eyes became alive and bright and had so much energy for life, I wanted to do so many things I had been unable to do due to the anxiety that was holding me back from living my life I don’t want anyone to have to suffer this disease once you realise you have it deal with it take whatever drugs you are offered and find out what the route cause was this is your trigger which you have to learn to cope with. This book explains how your brain works and how it makes us react the way we do and how misunderstood you become to other people.

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