Birthday breakfast

My Birthday Breakfast being enjoyed outside in the sun ☀️ when it comes out and listening to the birds pure mindfulness

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes 🎂 I always find them emotional never mind entering another age bracket and being on your own with no one to spoil you

However I am grateful for having my 2 beautiful daughter who can’t buy me presents but will wash me in kisses and hugs and flood my heart with love for this I am grateful

I have grown so much as a person I have done so many scary things in the last year like leave the security of my job, start my own business and join an amazing health and wellness company to help others

I am single yes by choice as I have realised that in order to truely love another I need to love myself which is hard for me after so many years of hating myself but I’m starting to accept, understand, get to know who I am and love everything about me

Going forward I will continue to build my businesses helping other with their health and fitness and their mental health. I will continue to challenge myself in order to grow accepting change, opportunities and new friendships.

This life is for living not thinking about the past or the future but just enjoying what we have right now.

So enjoy your day. I will enjoy the simple things with my kids and all of the Birthdau wishes from everyone which makes this day magical and makes me realise I’m not alone


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