Blue Monday

Ok peeps tomorrow is #bluemonday the most depressing day of the year after Christmas we’re broke waiting on payday to pay off credit cards still struggling to shift the weight you’ve put on probably stopped going to the gym because you are putting on weight and craving those bad foods again I watched this film totally lifted me think I need to watch it every morning we are all capable of amazing things we just need to believe we can do it and put the work in as for learning I thought when I finished uni I didn’t need to study WRONG we need to keep learning and keep growing I study online and it makes me feel amazing #motivates me and helps with my #mentalclarity

I do get some help with@my amazing #nutritionsystem #isagenix you just need to put the right stuff into your body and the kick up the bum will come from you #singlemom #health #change #loveyourself #investinyou #study #learn #love #live #joy #nutrition #motivation #work #workfromhome #moodycowmum #moodfit

Blue Monday

Meet up with friends

Set a plan for your day

Write a plan for your life

Where am I now?

Where do I want to be?

How do I get there?

So find out how to get where you want to be?

Could be change your diet for your health

New job

Study for a new career

Whatever it is, you have control over where your life will go and your success just make your plan and make sure you are completing your actions to get you there

Remember to always


Have fun

Chat to people


Get outside


Enjoy your food

Try something new a hobby, exercise, foods, a challenge

Live the life you want not the one you can’t get motivated for

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