Breakfast in bed 

Sunday mornings before we’re getting woken up by someone bouncing on top of my face, kicking and shouting. I hide under the blanket, the blanket disappears onto the floor, then they’re in your face chanting I’m hungry, I’m hungry. You can only put up with this for so long before you drag yourself out of bed, strong coffee then you are forced to watch cartoons.

My kids are amazing I love them but we all need a break to catch up on sleep and someone else to lookafter us. We find it hard to let someone else take over the reins and just rest. I thought lie ins on a Sunday were just a dream when the kids are older but all my dreams are starting to come true.

After my rest and brekkie in bed deal with the guilt with a good run then time with kids and some housework the one thing that needs to be banned on a Sunday but it has to be tackled although one thing at a time these days instead of trying to do them all in one go.

Take sometime out for some #mindfulness just lying in bed listening to the birds 🐦 waking up, the kids laughing downstairs, someone singing, this is family life chilled, happy and amazing.

Take some time out to just breath in and listen to what’s happening without you. Just 5 mins will help give you the motivation to tackle whatever you have to do.

#rosepark #freekidsfun #ladydixonpark

Great day out on Friday at lady Dixon park picnic areas, great park and walks we also had great entertainment with #stiltwalkers #facepainting #glittertatoos #circusentertainment #balloonmodelling #jurassicdinosaur #freekidsfun

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