Bringing blackberries to life

We love going for walks especially when the hedges are bulging with blackberries. So we took our baskets and filled them to the brim.

I love having berries for breakfast in a shake or with some yogurt and nuts.

I think there was a blackberry fight as well and a few left along the roadside. Even Holly our dog loved them, her new treat.

So I decided to make some healthy blackberry brownies, first time making them very gooey.

To make them healthier you can substitute the eggs with bananas and the caster sugar you can replace with natural sugars such as honey and maple syrup and you can replace the flour with coconut or nut flours.

I then made a lovely breakfast muffin with lemon and chai seeds

So to make this one healthier you can replace the eggs with bananas, sugar you can replace with honey or syrup and plain flour with coconut or nut flours. I replaced the poppy seeds with chai seeds as these are amazing for energy. The butter you can replace with apple sauce.

Love using natural ingredients to make yummy treats with fruit we have picked ourselves it’s a great way for kids to get involved.

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