Busy times fun times

It has been a while since I updated my blog with so many things going on in my life all good of course just very busy.

I finally finished my personal training course so am now qualified and going to finish my nutritional course and create a really good training and nutritional plan over the summer with the hope to launch in sept along with my shop Moodfit.myshopify.com which you can shop on now for fitness clothes and equipment as well as summer dresses and kids clothes. I will also be launching my own app and Facebook page for my fitness programme. On top of that I also joined a company called Isagenix a company specialising in nutritional cleansing, increasing energy and performance.

It has changed my life having suffered from depression I have pretty much tried everything under the sun to lift it from herbal solutions, exercise, counselling, different therapies and anti depressants. Once I started this programme after the first 2 weeks I was so full of energy, mental clarity, felt confident, less anxious and so healthy. I hope that this will continue to keep me feeling this way and help others like it has me. People when nutritionally healthy will naturally lose weight as your body works better when nutritionally fulfilled, cleansing also helps to reset your body and boost all of your systems. So no matter what illness you have it will help you with your health goals.

Lose weight, gain lean muscle, lots of energy and overall healthy body and mind.

So I have been embarking on this for more info contact me or learn more at moodycowmum.isagenix.com

I had to get kids ready for finishing at school, getting ready for our weekend in London and our family holiday. So I can safely say I haven’t been keeping to the isagenix plan but have still included it in my daily diet my isatonic supreme, my salt caramel chocs can’t go anywhere without some of these, some protein bars, tablets and some shakes still enjoying some of the American food.

We went to Walmart it is massive you could spend all day there they have everything from to tyres we have so far spent an average of 2 hours in it. Everything yes is supersize, massive buckets of ice cream and lots of crisps and massive bags of lovely sugar rich cereal kids are lovin it they won’t be getting any when we get home that’s for sure if they still have teeth left.

This was our first shop its is madness this place but love it

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