Cardio for all

Workout Wednesday

Today I did a run one of my 3 cardio workouts every week I love it because I get outside in the fresh air great for your mental health and love the endorphins that follow the feel good hormones

I use my amped hydrate to fuel my workouts which helps with performance, endurance and recovery so no sore muscles afterwards

Need to up my runs to twice a week I think

So when doing workouts do something you enjoy



Home workouts




Pole dancing


Martial arts


Make sure it is something you enjoy otherwise you will not stick at it & having friends to go makes it a social occasion and also gives you that motivation to go.

Just remember like we teach our children

Consistency is key

How do they improve in school reach their goals by being consistent so why do we not lead by example

Think about what kind of a role model you are for your kids as they will more than likely copy what you do and follow in your footsteps so be consistent, healthy & exercise and try to do things with your kids, walking the dog, swimming, cycling whatever you all enjoy doing

So don’t forget your workout 20 mins a day is all it takes for a healthy body & mind

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