Chill time 

So I’m taking some time out for myself restoring my vit D levels and chilling thinking about what I should be doing but we do t always get days like this so what the house is a mess and the kids have no clothes it’s hot anyway really need to get on top of the ironing the wardrobes are nearly bare and can’t keep replacing them with new ones must do some ironing later.

Am I feeling guilty like I should be getting up to deAl with my list of lists yeah maybe I’ll do some of my outside jobs today paint the fence some exercise too as I haven’t eve. Done a workout but I do have to make the most of these lie ins in another month it will be back to up early on my days off to leave kids to school although I will have those extra hours in the morning when Cara is in nursery to get my shot together. Yeah going back to bed or slobbing in front of TV no of course not cleaning, painting, upgrading my qualifications, getting dream body, setting up my own business, making lists and selling stuff to pay off debts. What a life I lead want to do all these things sounds good I know but do I have the energy and motivatation to do all this hopefully. If not well I’ll make a list and after a set time of lazing around usually half an hour is what I give myself I start into my list never in order of course as I get bored easily and fed up having to do these monotonous boring tasks as a mother I have to do. Anyway thinks it’s bikini time for an hour then paint fence and look after the kids of course that means getting the paddling pool out so need to take in lots of fresh air to fill my lings in preparation oh and suncreAm I’ve done enough damage to my skin over the years and not increase the wrinkles under my eyes or laughter lines as Mark likes to call them that’s love for you taking your flaws and making them into something beautiful.

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