Christmas a happy or sad time

For me Christmas Was always a happy time, off work spending time with the kids, family gets together, kids get the toys they want, we all sit in front of the fire indulging in food and drink, watching Xmas movies as the kids play with their toys.

When families break up and you become a single parent things change. After years of struggling with work and kids I had to give up my job as I didn’t have anyone to look after the kids at the weekend when I had to work and nurseries don’t open at the weekend and when your parents are still working too what support do you have.

I am currently unemployed as I set up my health and fitness business so having to rely on benefits to get through Christmas. Starting a business means I’m not sitting at home with my feet up no everyday I am studying and working online to build my brAnd as well as running after my kids.

It is so easy for this to happen, one minute you have 2 wages then one and then none. Never did i think I would have to rely on benefits, never did I think I would have to count the pennies out of my purse to see if I can enough for a pint of milk.

Life is hard now but everything I do is for my kids to make sure they are happy and healthy. I know we don’t need all the trimmings at Christmas as long as we are all healthy and I am with my girls that is all I need.

My kids happiness is all I want for Xmas. I am lucky I still have a roof over our heads for now many don’t, many are on the streets freezing, hungry and lonely. I am so grateful for my health and my kids more important than overindulging at Xmas. My heart will never be empty it is full of the love for my kids, all I ask for Xmas is love and health.

Christmas is a hard time for many who are struggling to make ends meet making sure the kids have the toys they want, having to sacrifice heating or food to give them what they want. Being lonely, trying to be two parents to your kids.

Life can be a struggle but when we struggle we grow, we learn, learn what’s important in life and who is really there for you in times of good and bad, hard times and prosperous times.

Please help those less fortunate than yourselves these years #simoncommunity someone that is lonely can’t cope with the pressures of Xmas, spare a thought for those less well off than you this year, buy an extra gift, visit someone who lives on their own, arrange to meet up with someone or invite someone over for Xmas who would have been on their own.

Make Christmas about giving to those who have less, Male that your Christmas present to yourself and others. The greatest gift in life is helping others and making their Christmas the best it has ever been.

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