So I’m on a cleansing day, cleansing my body of the crap I consume that I shouldn’t there were a few crisps in there some wine, I know naughty girl maybe some chocolate and ice cream oops it was healthy though.


The kids did help me a wee bit a healthier option to the normal but you can make healthy and vegan ice cream too. Here’s an amazing r recipe I gotta try

So what does cleansing involve???

Well normally it’s a starve yourself to death day where you then binge put the next day so pointless.

The Isagenix cleanse is unbelievable you take the tonics

Lots of water of course some exercise and lots of snacks. So you don’t like the healthy snacks then no worries not only do you not have to starve yourself but you get to eat chocolate and you lose weight is this for real Like I think someone is winding me up that’s what I thought but I had the protein bars and the cheesy whey protein snacks and the chocolates omg I can’t live without them the salted caramel milk chocs and there is now dark chocolate this is what you’re allowed on cleanse days like hello.

So I am sitting out in the sun drinking tonics which make you feel and chocolate clearly it was a woman who came up with this system.

So am I hungry and tired????

certainly not feel fab lots of energy, feel lighter, free, lots of lean muscles popping up check out this back I was like wow when I saw that pic and I don’t even go to the gym can you believe it?


So you want to become leaner, lighter, happier, healthier then what are you waiting for.

your health is your wealth, it’s priceless invest in your make your life what you want it to be don’t just accept that what you have is it go out there and get what you want and your life will change dramatically

find out how to cleanse and reach your body and mind goals

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