Clearing your head for a new start

Mindfulness Monday

Can’t seem to get anything done?

Not meeting goals?

No motivation?

What is holding me back? Fear? Sorrow? Discouragement or anger?

Write it all down get it out of your head

Deal with the fear this is down to beliefs we have about ourselves, unfortunately you are often in your own when it come to encouragement and motivation

So what do I do????

Make small achieveable short term goals every day

Make lists

Make a plan

Create a timeline for when the different stages of your plan need to be complete in order to achieve your end goal

Prioritise what is important to get the task done

Reward yourself when you get to each stage and have completed all tasks

As you start making progress all of the other things will disappear

You will not procrastinate

Will not fear that you are not good enough or can’t do this

Don’t be angry doesn’t get you anywhere

Do feel sorry for yourself

Focus on the future

You will get there and you can do it

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