Day 1 detox

So this time I’m determined.

Cut down my brekkie to 200 cals

Snack banana rice cracker and some

Peanut butter 200 cals

Drinks 1 coffee, green tea with lemon and hot water and lemon and water

Hadn’t been for a run in ages managed to do it without stopping 4.5 miles but felt heavy then took this pic and was disgusted at the size of my thighs and all the disgusting sugar I had put into my body of late and this has motivated me to get back to my highest fitness and get riped. I do love running the fresh air and sunshine the motivation afterwards after the rush of endorphins makes me feel amazing and ready to tackle everything on my list and boost my confidence.

Then lunch was a 2 egg omelette with a bit of Parmesan 250 cals

Did get hungry after lunch had a #naked bar love these no addictive just natural sugars mostly just dates and nuts 120 cals always aim for #snacks around 100 cals no more and no more than 2 snacks a day if not fruit

It was my daughters birthday last night so we had a #Chinese bad on first day but I had #boiledrice and #curryveg and a few prawn crackers this is the healthiest way to do a Chinese and then an orange and cup of tea before bed.

Feel so much better for stopping the crap and determined to stick at it now and will update my progress and diet daily and hopefully see a huge difference in my shape by the end of the month.

#willpower #determination #strength #goals #achievement #motivation #fitness #healthy #happy #mentalhappiness #mentalwellbeing

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