Day 11 Diet

Day 11 the weight is dropping off right?

Suffering from depression I find the winter so hard so tired, can’t get up in the morning, not getting enough sleep and just binge out at night.

This snacking has to stop it is bringing me down I need to take control.

brekkie was mixed berries in the pan mixed with nuts, seeds cinnamon and some yogurt on top.

lunch was a #salmon #salad at #M&S good protein and fat content

I can’t remember what tea was I’m a few days behind haven’t been feeling good chest infection low energy.

Day 12 diet

had my normal healthy brekkie some fruit and yogurt bit of cereal, nuts, dates and seeds and cinnamon

Lunch was a healthy omlette

Tea I made a chicken curry dish surprisingly the #kids loved it had with #basmati rice so much nicer it doesn’t swell up like white rice and is nutty. Some natural yogurt, poppedoms and mango chutney.

Recipe I will share later nice and healthy and tasty

Day 13 diet

We had our weekend treat of pancakes for brekkie, a walk then No lunch ooops I know bad

we ended up going out and ended up in #pizzahut we had #prawns for starter healthy then a #veggie #thinscrustpizza between us and I only had 2 slices. So if you are going for pizza go for thin crust and try to just have a few slices and add a salad eAses the #guilt.

When having treats at weekend or when your treat day is or it’s a special occasion take it easy And don’t go overboard if having a dessert try And have. Healthy dinner like fish or if going for pizza, curry, pasta try to do with the fatty sides and don’t have dessert.

So cause I then missed lunch I ended up overdoing the #snacking felt sick and bloated and crap about myself so no more of it. This is what happens when you don’t have a healthy meal and skip meals, if you don’t get this right you will never lose weight.

Day 14 Diet

had a yogurt, some nuts and seeds trying to be good

didn’t have snack

lunch a # salad with #broccoli #baby potato #tomatoes #fried #hallumi cheese #cashews #leaves #leftoverchicken #sundriedtomatoes

Tea was a #stirfry veg with #prawns some lemon juice salt tomato purée coriander and garlic and some natural yogurt

Cup of honey and lemon before bed to help my throat no snacks yeah can I keep it up now??????

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