Day 2 to a new you

Day 2 to creating a healthier happier you

Do you drink enough water? 💧

Do you know the benefits of drinking water and the signs your not drinking enough?

Too often we are tired so we go for chocolate 🍫 or energy drinks 🥤 when water will do a better job at energising and detoxing our body

We spend so much money on anti wrinkle creams 💁‍♀️when water will hydrate your skin better

If you get a headache 🙇you go straight for tablets rather than a natural remedy that is FREE

So take tablets promising to speed up your metabolism 🤦‍♂️just drink water

Joint problems 🧎‍♂️exercise and drink water

Have you gotten the message yer DRINK MORE 💦 💧


This includes water

Herbal teas

Normal tea

Flavoured water


Just make sure you are not adding sugar and extra calories

So I have attached some great graphics that show you the benefits of getting your 8 glasses of water in everyday and also a little timetable to help you keep on track

So when you have any of these symptoms grab a glass of water instead

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