Day 4 diet

So on day 4 now have I hate a few sneaky treats???? Yes but healthy ones. When trying to work, look after 2 kids,workout, homework’s, housework and courses I’m knackered and crave my carbs.

so brekkie the same muesli, yogurt and some nuts and seeds with a squiggle of maple syrup.

i even got the kids to have porridge for their brekkie with a bit of maple syrup and blueberries yum is the reply I got after of course no I don’t like it and have you tried it, no.

Was in work so lunch was the leftover chilli, sustainable and healthy

This is my little snack after workouts so I did a workout this morning then this was my little booster after date with half a walnut and a scoop of peanut butter hits the spot I had invented this before # deliciouslyella put it in her cookbook.

Tea was a chicken stir fry in a #chilli sauce so a good boost for the metabolism then it was #brownies and #rainbows for the girls never end.

I am one #tiredmum zzzzzzzz

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