Day 4 sugar free so much energy

Day 4 with no processed sugar and feel so amazing. I feel so much more motivated, stronger and more in control of my health and my future.

I am still eating sugar just natural sugars from dried fruit dates and fresh fruit but nothing processed. Good fats, protein powder, natural yogurt, pumpkin seeds and walnuts, fibre in the cereal bran flakes and chai seeds for energy. This is my dessert every morning guilt free.

I have lost 5lbs already on my Moodfit diet and workout plan, I am getting stronger and more toned and also doing another Isabody challenge to get in the best shape of my life and help others do it too all from the comfort of your own home. I have upped my protein intake after my workouts using #isapro protein powder amazing stuff I use in my breakfast every morning after my workouts, helps build muscle fat, burn fat, faster recovery and your can even take it before bed to burn fat while you sleep.

My workouts are all weights, resistance and a bit of hit for over body weight loss toning and building muscle.

Even the kids get stuck in before school a few exercise to get them set up for the day.

This was tea last night #risotto I use a mix #basmati rice and #barley slow release carbs that are yummy and filling and lower in calls, so easy to make.

Just fry a diced onion and garlic, you can then add what you like I added mushrooms then you add the grains, about a cup full and a tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp of lemon juice and pinch of salt. You can also add 120ml wine if you want then add a pint of stock.

You then use 2 stock cubes veg or chicken and add a bit gradually at a time until the stock is absorbed then add more. Until it becomes really thick then add Cheese I prefer Parmesan but if you don’t have the. You can just use cheddar, I then added some broccoli as we like it with a crunch and then to serve sprinkle some cheese and crushed pistachio nuts.

Kids loved it well one of them the other is just being fussy at the mo. It’s basically cheesy rice that’s how I sell it to my kids.

Then off to my pole class at #flyawayaerialstudio the girls there are amazing and make you feel so welcome and it’s for everyone for all ages and shapes and sizes.

So you think it’s not for you not only is it a good workout, social interaction, fun help build self confidence and body confidence it also helps with flexibility, arches, strength, cognitive function and anti ageing. It is great to do something that is fun so you get all of these benefits while laughing as well more benefits again.

Love what I can do with my body you just don’t know what your body can do until you push same goes for the mind.

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