Day 5 diet

It’s a Friday I’ve done 3 workouts and one run so I went out for a run this morning. It was hard going my muscles were tired.

But I can see my shape changing and more toned. Once you start exercising you will build muscle so don’t despair if the scales aren’t moving much.

Had my normal fruit and museli brekkie need to cut the cereal out during the weekend and only have at weekends. Had some mango in it this morning yum it’s good to try a different fruit every morning.

Kids had smoothies loved them.

We now have a different brekkie every morning.

This is our plan to get more fruit and veg into them surprisingly kids love #raw veg with #houmous makes it even nicer .

I’ve managed to get them to eat

Corn on cob (cooked)

Raw broccoli, celery, carrots, sugar snap peas

#kidseatingveg #healthykidssnacks

Lunch was leftover #couscous #fish #chickpeas

So tea was #fish 🐟 we had #salmon with some #couscous #tomatoes and #brocolli

Kids had #plaice and raw #brocolli and some #sweetpotatochips #tesco own brand and #auntbessies

Holly #schihtzu tried to eat Mya’s #chocolate bad girl

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