Day 6 diet

Brekkie was same as yesterday

Lunch was in #Ikea something healthy #tandoori chicken wit #cauliflour rice yum

That night it was a chicken stir fry with a bit of #basmati rice #stirfrys are a really good way to get veg into meals and bulk up when removing carbs.

Tea was #fajitas I love #mexican food so tasty. We had chicken with fajita seasoning #flour #tortillas I get the small ones as they’re only 100cals.

The #guacamole I make myself just get a soft #avocado so rich in #goodoils mash with a fork add some salt, squeeze in some lime or lemon juice add a red chilli and a little bit of chopped up red onion and tomato.

Instead of the fatty #cremefraiche I use natural yogurt a lot lower in cals but give the same taste and texture but a fraction of the cals.

Did have a wee glass of #wine #rose and a few nuts and seeds did a #recovery workout as my muscles were knackered.

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