Day 8 diet

Brekkie natural yogurt some it’s, toasted pumpkin seeds, chai seeds, cinnamon and sprinkling of museli yum

A coffee to speed up my metabolism then a green tea or hot water and lemon and a #t25 workout thanks #seanT #focus

Lunch was just a salad of veg very good

Tomatoes, walnuts, broccoli, scallions, rocket, pumpkin seeds

Dressing is lemon juice, pinch of salt and some olive oil

I made this #chickencasserole night before and had for tea

Chicken breasts x3, 4 sweet potato chopped into chunks, broccoli, red peppers and tomatoes, red onion, sundries tomatoes, garlic and mushrooms

Add seasoning pinch of salt, chicken seasoning, rosemary, sage and thyme, passata and half mozzarella ball

Add a bit of water to help cook the veg

You can add some chillis or chilli powder to add a kick but ive left it with a creamy tomato taste for the kids

Was really good then fir some reason I had a wee #binge some birthday cake and a fifteen plus corn and crackers was #disgusted but we all fall. Solution go to bed early with a #camomile tea and a #book prevents you going to the kitchen before bed just need to change your routine

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