Day ????? Whatever?????

I was doing so well but then I’ve had a chest infection it’s so cold so just want to and need to eat to keep warm and keep energy up of course can’t get an appointment to see the doctor as they now only release appointments at 9am every morning you can no longer arrange appointments in the future ridiculous so exercise has been hard with coughing and not being able to breath as well.

So motivation and energy has been up and down. Feeling low and just want to stay in bed all day but can’t as I have 2 kids who have to go to school and a job to go to so I can keep a roof over my head.

So what have I been at well Valentines we went to #boulderworld #apolloroad #belfast first time did well but lost grip fell and hurt my ankle frozen peas on it later as I couldn’t walk it was fun though no ropes just fall and roll onto the bouncy floor not for the lighthearted was quite scary.

we then went to #eatstreet in Belfast #vegan restaurant food nice no real atmosphere though needs some work and was quite expensive for what we had which was a pulled pork style veggie burger and 2 salads

We then had #risotto for tea love risotto used to think what was the point just rice but it’s amazing just some risotto rice some chopped onions a splash of wine and stock Cubs then at the end when it thickens you add the grated Parmesan so creamy and yum. Prefer red onions so much nicer and added in some leftover sweet potato you can chuck anything in to be honest meat or veg I love just mushrooms.

So in terms of weight loss I’m at a stand still but am trying to get out running at least once a week and up before kids in the morning to do a workout it’s just getting into a routine.

#wrecked #singlemom #fitnessmotivation #t25 #beachbody #running

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