Do you want to get off the treadmill of life?

Do you want to get off that treadmill quite literally

Fed up with diets that help you lose weight then you put it all back on again or spending hours in the gym?

Hey your Nutrition right and you will be 80% there without even exercising so if you’re scared or embarrassed of the gym the beat place to start is with your nutrition.

The amazing system I take will help you to lose weight but also build lean muscle without going to the gym as well as boost your energy help you with stress and give you mental clarity to name a few of the many health and mental health benefits of good nutrition

This is Erikas story will probably sounds familiar, this was me too is this you??!

At 42 years old, Erika found herself simply going through the motions of a part-time job, kids, housework, sleep, repeat. She was tired, unmotivated, unhappy in her own skin and was tired of dieting.

She’d faced a hard time after pregnancy, suffering feelings of tiredness, low mood, her weight constantly fluctuated, and she was unable to do sports for two years – even though she was destined to become a professional dancer before she started a family. Then her whole world changed as her doctor had to make the heartbreaking decision to resign her from work. At only 40 years old, she felt demoralised and couldn’t deal with the thought of her two children at 8 and 11 years old remembering her as angry and hurt.

She knew something had to change to put a focus back on herself, but she couldn’t find the willpower or motivation to fulfill her goals. However, her friend Gema introduced Erika to Isagenix after loving the products herself, and it didn’t take long before her enthusiasm caught on and Erika signed up to her first IsaBody Challenge®, which she says revolutionised her life.

“When I started, they asked me ‘How do you think you’ll be after 16 weeks?’ I would never have imagined the person that I have become.”

Fast forward 16 weeks, she’s lost 9.1kg* from the Weight Loss Programme and aside from the impressive physical changes, she says “The best thing is how I feel – younger, more energetic, more positive, I feel powerful, that I can achieve anything that I propose. My family changed for the better because I feel better, so I’m even more proud and it’s all thanks to Isagenix.”

Amazingly she is back doing sport and in better shape than ever – the weight has disappeared from her target areas, and she’s determined to improve even further. She’s gained an intuitive relationship with food and she enjoys eating more, now that she knows what to eat whilst incorporating her IsaLean® Shakes.

With her new-found motivation, she’s started to develop her network and has already signed up her family and close friends to Isagenix. She’s looking forward to growing her business and getting in the best shape of her life, and we’re excited to follow her on her journey!

If Erika’s story has inspired you, why not sign up to your own IsaBody Challenge?

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