I went to my class tonight was feeling tired but I went as I know I need time away from the girls to get my head showered and remember who I was before my kids.

My aerial class at #flyawaystudios in lisburn is my time where I can have fun exercise and socialise I’m really enjoying learning new things and my body confidence is growing.

Love the hoop and pole but tonight I climbed the silks but made the mistake of sliding down and burnt the hands off myself.

A kind person in my life (Mark) has supported me with my class and has helped me to continue.

Body confidence has a huge impact on your mood and motivation in life. After having 2 kids for a lot of people they lose this and their confidence.

I say do something you enjoy, get off the couch and cut down on the crap you’re eating no more excuses take control of your life make a plan and start making steps along your plan and you will achieve your goals be positive and it will happen.

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