Fashionista fun v debt detox

I love buying clothes it’s a real problem I can’t afford to buy them but when I’m feeling a bit down trying on clothes alone gives me a boost if I decide to keep them then the guilt sets in as I can’t afford them neither do I need them as my wardrobes are bulging yes wardrobes I know they’re in my dressing room I know #obsessedwithshopping #clothesobsession #fashionista #fashionblogger #singemom #singlemamma #singlemum #singlemom

I do love my #IKEApaxwardrobes they’re amazing I can find everything lots of great storage had sliding ones before a nightmare to get anything out. This is before……

So how do I manage my debt it’s really hard not spending money but if you do the. Spend on 0% credit cards on purchases when the 0% finished get a 0% transfer card you need to manage this otherwise like me you have a load of cards you’re trying to pay off good deals are found on #moneysavingexpert or #comparethe markets I recommend #halifax #santander #virgin #nationwide #virgin #mbna will I get out of debt yes positivity have to stop spending sell unwanted household items on #gumtree and clothes on #ebay yeah guess what I’ll be doing also if I find something I really like I search for on eBay sometimes people buy things and don’t want brand new I’ve got quite a few good bargains over the years.

Good luck my #debtdetox is starting now I’ll keep you updated on my progress

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