Feeling fitter but energy low

I am feeling fitter and loving my #pole did a hard move a real skin burner

#flyawayaerialstudio #pole also did some silk moves and a routine

I am getting fitter but still finding it hard to shift the bit of weight I want and to kill my old habits of attacking the Easter eggs in the cupboard and staying up late.

This was a yummy #salad #fish #edamane beans #pumpkin seeds #rocket #brocolli #grains #kale

Boil the grains and add a green tea and mint teabag

Dressing was omg

Pulp and rind grated of frozen lemon

Teaspoon of sunflower oil, white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar

Read this the #benefits of #frozenlemons big benefits to your health.

I blended up a frozen lemon 🍋 and added some to my salad then used some to add to sparkling #water to make a refreshing drink and have some to add to my hot water with #lemon in the morning and to add to my water throughout the day. #detox #cleanse

The other product I’ve added to my diet is #applecidervinegar another #cleanser and #detoxer it also has other properties and can help in the battle of #cancer basically an #alkaline diet can apparently stop the growth of the cancer cells which has been made by all of the chemicals from the food we eat and water we drink. We’ve created this disease but how can we fight it.

The other

The other product I’ve added to my diet is apple

There are so many #supplements out there I’ve spent my life adding #vitamin tablets #herbal tablets that are supposed to help with #energy production in the body and help with #depression I feel like if someone shook me I’d rattle. I am sick of being #sick too had the #flu for 2 weeks get over that then I get a really bad #cough but every day I wake up #knackered crave #carbs #chocolate to give me the energy to get through the day and to enjoy it not just try to make it through it in one piece, just want to feel alive and full of energy.

Will I ever feel that alive without having to kill myself with #exercise without cutting down on food struggling to stay on top of things then collapsing at night and turning to that bad food #chocolate.

#What do I want?

I want to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in

To have the confidence I’ve always wanted but have never achieved due to my depression

I want to wake up feeling alive like I’ve had the best sleep ever and full of energy and motivation to take on all the days challenges

To not have to take anti depressants and all the other tablets I take to help boost all of my energy

I want to have energy to do all the things I’ve ever wanted to do

To be the most amazing mother to my two daughters and make them proud

To be healthy and most importantly of all happy

Have I found the answer? Maybe!!!!!

I’m very excited to experience and share what I’ve discovered

So keep watching and reading as I think there might be a lot of exciting posts to come

So keep on reading and share with friends


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