Foodie Friday

I love discovering new amazing superfood ingredients that are going to benefit my health and make me feel amazing. I can then make yummy food from them and share with others so they can feel why I do.

As you can see this superfood truest lives up to its name.

I got it from #hollandandbarrret

Does not look or smell not but look at the benefits I know amazing

I made some protein balls grabbed one as I was heading out to pick the kids up amazing, didn’t taste it at all

So you will be seeing more recipes from

Me with this superfood

I also made some carrot cake balls I love carrot cake but not all of the fat oils and sugar or contains so I decided to make some protein balls, again a yummy healthy treat with natural sugars and fats.

I also made these nut and seed bars and have to say these are def my fav so nutty and seedy.

People say healthy eating is expensive no it isn’t I buy my nuts my seeds, grains, dried fruits all from #homebargains I look

Out for offers in the nut butter prefer the natural ones and you can get the superfood powders such as the #spirulina and #hempproteinpowder in most supermarkets as well as #hollandandbarrett

Grains, seeds, nuts, beans and lentils are some of the best sources of protein as well as a lot of other vitamins and minerals and a lot better source than meat. They also last a long time in your cupboard as well.

So why not try a veggie day once or twice a week and try plant protein sources for a change and see how you feel.

Come along to the Bot in Belfast tomorrow and taste some for yourself

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