Happy new year everyone

I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone who has been apart of my journey this year, it’s been a hard one but I’ve been through worse.

I thought the end of this year would turn out a lot differently than it did but I know what god has intended for me will find me or stay with me. I have my two amazing girls who are my motivation and strength everyday. I started the day on a positive a lie in again workout then everything went dark literally i ran out of electricity no money in the bank what was I to do felt so low such a failure I couldn’t even provide for my kids basic needs so I had o use money they got for Xmas to get electricity and some food.

I felt like such a failure but I sorted it out and I am spending my New Years with the two most amazing people in the world, the cutest, funniest, most compassionate, honest, loving, trusting little people I would be lost without these two.

They are my motivation to provide for them to make them proud and I will do it in 2019 New Year’s Eve had always held sad memories but I have everything I need in my home tonight, food and drinks supplied by my family over Xmas and my two amazing girls who love me no matter what.

I will be stronger and more fierce than I have ever been on 2019 I will not allow anyone to take advantage of my kind nature and loving heart this belongs to my girls, no more negativity.

2019 is about growth, loving myself, getting stronger, more toner, happier, healthier, wealthier, more educated, more social and a better version of myself so I can help others find themselves too.

So everyone have a happy new year and I will see you next year. Thanks you for your support, your follows I love you all

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