Healthy eating is not a choice it’s for everyone

Yummy tea for the kids

I had to cook it but didn’t have the pleasure of eating it 😰

Apparently it was lovely I’ll have mine tomorrow for lunch

Chicken with veg yum they said loved the red pesto and the topping

Kids don’t have to eat chicken nuggets and chips every night try them on something new every week a new veg a new fruit a new way of cooking their favs

This was all fresh and did it take long no, power boil potatoes chuck on oven, top the chicken bung in oven and go and do other things half an hour later boom done

Healthy eating and cooking doesn’t take long it’s just being lazy, it doesn’t cost the earth either o have managed to half what I spend on groceries now and eat healthier than ever.

So have a word with yourself when you tell yourself it takes too long to cook healthily, my kids will only eat chicken nuggets and chips (whose fault is this?) lead by example children will do what you do and follow your lifestyle think about this do you want your kids to follow your lifestyle if not do something about it and stop blaming time and money

Sort it out all I’m saying

You need help I’m here just ask

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