Healthy isn’t expensive

Ok missed lunch as had brunch so a little snack required in between my laundry workout

A yummy vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries, 3 walnuts, 2 tsp chai seeds and hand full of sunflower 🌻 and pumpkin 🎃 seeds and a squeeze of lemon

Omg 😮


Healthy yes? Expensive? Nnnnnoooooooooo

Ok so I get frozen berries out of #tesco 3 for 5 do me 2 maybe 3 weeks

#chaiseeds £1 from #homebargains this is also where I found #macapowder £1.49 and where I get my dates and nuts all cheaper than supermarkets

So is eating healthy expensive well yes to your health if you don’t change your lifestyle you will end up with heart problems, diabetes, obesity, joint problems etc so before it’s too late take action and make it easier to get up in the morning to walk to breath.

I actually lifted my 10 year old daughter up who is over 6 stone and I told her some people are carrying around this on their body in fat she was shocked and I could walk a bit but it was hard so for those people out there doing this I appreciate what you have to go through but there is a way out of the place you’re in just pm me and I’ll talk you through your options

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