Healthy parents mean healthy kids

Healthy start to the day it will give you energy, help with focus and concentration so don’t forget what you are giving your little ones too. My 6 year old wanted the same as me a healthy breakfast with mummies healthy oats, she does listen to me and watches what I eat so don’t forget that when you are eating set a good example and make sure you are a good role model.

Don’t forget the food you put into your mouth is your fuel for the day not only for your energy but like I said focus and concentration so make sure you and your kids are getting some slow release carbs like bran or oats, brown or multigrain toast, some protein either milk or yogurt or eggs and your good fats like some nuts and seeds and some fruit.

Nourish your body don’t feed it with sugar and fat this will not nourish your body but will in the long term cause chronic disease. So transform your life today and your families it is never too late to change.

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