Healthy tips for burning fat and achieving health happiness and a 6 pack after a baby


Running is the fastest way to burn fat

Women are under so much pressure to stay slim during pregnant and to get back into their jeans straight after. Being a fitness and health freak pregnancy was not an easy transition but I continued to exercise throughout being a runner I felt it was too risky and after having trouble falling pregnant I didn’t want to take the risk so I went on the exercise bike everyday while I caught up on my programmes. We often make excuses we don’t have time for exercise as busy working mums but it is good for our mood to ward off depression helps with health and also confidence. Our bodies do change but I found mine changed for the better and still had my six pack after I had my 2 babies the miracles of babies. We need to listen to our bodies and give them what they need but don’t go overboard on the bad stuff. I am just an ordinary working mum but I manage to stay trim for myself and to enjoy the amazing fashion that’s out there. You just need to get into a good routine the best time is morning when kids are still asleep I know it’s hard getting up that bit earlier in the morning g but will be worth it it will help you cope with the kids mad morning routine and your obstacle course to work it will give you strength and confidence and make you feel so amazed at yourself for getting up exercising leaving kids off to work then do a days work make tea clean up and get kids to bed and it helps you to sleep better. The key to losing weight is not to starve ourselves I tried that it just slows your metabolism down taking your body to break down the fats for energy and ending up storing more. So eat constantly but eat the right foods in the right quantities and you’ll get there. I didn’t put any weight on during my pregnancies but bit glory babies were healthy and apart from a few pounds and my tummy to get back in I didn’t struggle but you tummy doesn’t pop back in straight away it has been stretched and the womb has to contract back in if you do Timmy exercises too soon you could end up with wrecking your muscles. Join me daily for help and tips to get you back in shape and coping with life as a mother.

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