I’m back

So you may have noticed I disappeared for a few weeks and no I didn’t die and someone has stolen my identity.

I had this really bad flu that was going about completely knocked me for six. Never had flu so bad completely killed my energy and appetite, felt so unwell and so lethargic. Being a single mom is no fun, even when your sick you have to drag yourself out of bed, make your kids presentable, make sure they have what they need, fed and then drive them to school. Hard enough when you are well but when you feel like you have been hit by a bus it’s horrendous.

So I was off for 2 weeks, house was a mess, I was a mess, didn’t wash for days, I even went outside with no make up this is a first for me never have I done this but I felt so unwell I didn’t care and didn’t have the energy to put on any make up.

For 2 weeks I loved my jammies, my sunglasses to hide my black eyes and lack of make up and my ugg boots especially as we had the big snowfall as well, I ran out of oil before the big snow and storm and Cara had the chicken pox really bad too.

So I managed to keep us warm, fed and get Mya to school and home again, that’s all that matters.

I didn’t get to have any fun in the snow and it’s the most we’ve had for years. I didn’t get to exercise which was fine first week as I felt so nauseous second week I have just pigged out especially ending with My mums birthday, Mother’s Day and Mark’s birthday.

We had fun with fruit and managed a walk in the last of the snow once I got some energy back.

Saturday was the first day I felt better and actually wanted to get up and to exercise I even woke early as well and felt motivated again to clean the house (on my god) I know haven’t been up for cleaning for months and also had to leave Cara to a party.

Made my mum and Mark a joint birthday cake death by chocolate fudge cake omg it was amazing recipe from


Mother’s Day was amazing I had all of my girls with me breakfast made for me, beautiful hand made cards and gifts.

The best gift of all is just being a mother, I love my girls so much they are my world and I would do anything for them. Yes it would be nice for someone to arrange something for me for Mother’s Day make me a meal, take me out for one, arrange some spa treatments but the best presents are always the home made gifts and the kisses and hugs that keep you going everyday.

To all the mums, single mums and grandmothers who are doing it the second time around, being a mother is a hard job especially on your own but so rewarding that bond with your kids and watching they grow as you nurture them and provide for all their needs and can look at them and know that you created these amazing kids and made them into what they are today.

Everyday is Mother’s Day.

Over indulgence done, recovery from sickness, energy levels and mood back up, motivation back up and fat cells restored to above normal.

Back to healthy diet and exercise again recon I’ve put on weight feeling uncomfortable in my clothes being on spring and summer so I can get outside breath in the air and take in the sun rays. Last week the sun was out but all I wanted to do was hide under my duvet sick of the snow need some heat and sunshine, playing in the garden, trips to beach and lots of fun.

So hopefully I will get back on track with life take back control and show you how you too can take control and change your mindset and diet.

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