Kids summer fun

As a single mum of 2 kids I know only too well that while the summer is great for the kids it’s a bit of a knightmare for mums with increased nursery bills over the summer.

Most of the play parks in Northern Ireland are getting done up with brand new equipment for all ages try the one on hillsborough is good you can also go to the forest park to feed ducks, have a picnic and go for a walk or there are some fabulous restaurants. There’s also a wee maze the kids love.

banbridge solitude park has a new one that is great for big ones and small ones you can also go to the swimming pool or cinema or go for a walk round the park.

Belfast I love the park on the Lisburn road cranmore park just new as well and some great reataurant opposite including Maud’s and little wing great for kids or there’s picnic benches in the park as well.

Belfast castle is another favourite park massive but you have to pay in a good before or after activity after the zoo to tire them out.

Stormont has great walks and a great park for all ages as well a great place to go for a picnic

Colin glen forest park in west Belfast is great especially if your kids love the gruffalo and fairies you can follow the gruffalo trail and meet all the characters from the book and also go to the fairy kingdom also lots of walking uphill so bring a buggy and a picnic.

Anothor great one is slieve Gullion the other side of Newry Great Walks massage playground and magical fairyland and great areas for picnics

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