Ladies night

Happy Saturday and Bank holiday everyone

I was at a ladies night last night in lurgan arranges by the amazing Gemma Wellwood was really well organised great turn out and everyone seemed to enjoy the night

Loved talking to everyone about health, fitness and wellbeing, helping people find new ways to lose weight, build lean muscle and swap some of those bad foods for more nutritious alternatives.

Also talked a little about the amazing isagenix and how their amazing products have changed my life and gave me the energy and confidence to be able to get up in front of people and inspire them and talk about my business which until a year ago had been a dream.

All I can say is there are so many amazing network marketing companies giving women the ability to have it all, to earn good money when they want to, to be able to leave their kids to school pick them up, go to their activities, meet up with friends for a coffee or go for a run when the kids are in bed. Having the freedom to earn money for bills, for those little extras and the dreams as well.

So when someone asks you to take a look at one of these businesses take a look their seem unbelievable but they are giving women their freedom back to do something they live without the normal restrictions of getting time of work, having to work in an office, set times, no pay rise, stress, missing out on life.

This is the future of working and the chance for women to earn more than men and be an amazing mum.

Thank you to everyone who listened and I hope I inspired you to not just settle by go after what you want in life, make changes go get those dreams.

I hope you liked my healthy goodies as well so if you want to make them yourself here are the recipes and if anyone wants any advice or info on any of my services or products then just on me.

Open your mind to new possibilities

Email me if you are interested in anything I’ve talked about

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