Life is what you make it

While I would t have agreed with this statement a while ago I certainly do now. Struggling with depression and anxiety I never had to confidence or energy to do what I really wanted. I struggled each day to get up and get whatever needed done, done. Life was not a pleasure for a long time everything just seemed a struggle from the simple things like making a phone call to the terrifying going out without my makeup talking to complete strangers and in front of crowds.

Now i feel like I can do anything. I have energy mental energy but for some reason I still don’t want to spend my time off in the house cleaning to only have my kids destroy it within minutes. What am I doing right now? Sitting in the sun getting ready to enjoy the sunshine and hit the park and in general be outdoors enjoying life and this amazing weather before it disappears.

So I had another delivery of my amazing life changing products and ordered some dark chocs as well as the delicious salted caramel ones I think I’m addicted they amazing and healthy. I can’t believe I get to eat chocolate everyday and this is healthy who knew??? I certainly didn’t.

So out of the shakes I don’t really like the choc ones the vanilla and strawberry are amazing. So a waste of money? No I used the IsaLean Shakes to flavour my energy balls so I made choc ones and then vanilla and strawberry ones using my gorgeous nut butter.

These are delish and so easy to make.

Whizz all of your ingredients in a processor for a few minutes, then roll in a coating of your choice for crushed nuts, chai seeds or desiccated coconut.

So to make you need

1cup of dates

1cups of oats or muesli (optional)

2 tbsp honey or maple syrup

2 tbsp nuts 🥜

2 tbsp nut butter

1tbsp chai seeds and dedicated coconut

2 tbsp of whey powder so you can use the IsaLean Shakes to flavour them so strawberry, vanilla or chocolate

Any ingredients you don’t like you can take out or substitute for something you do. These are handy, yummy my kids loved them and healthy fats and keep them going as they have protein and the oats fill them up and give them sustainable energy.

You can also add in extract of your choice so

My fav is salted caramel or vanilla

Just store in fridge for a few weeks or out in freezer you can eat them straight away from the freezer.

So I had some leftover rice so instead of throwing out I made tonight’s tea

Rice balls

My fav rice is basmati and I mix some brown rice too helps fill you up and longer energy release.

So I rolled the rice added in some

Pumpkin seeds

Crushed nuts

Punch of salt

Splash of olive oil & apple cider vinegar

Some cheese in the middle for a gooey melted centre when cooked

Coat with dried edamame beans these are so moorish I love them as a snack

To cook then shallow fry for 10 mins serve with some avacado and sweet potato fries


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We are enjoying our walks in the country with Holly.

Hiding in the grass

New arrivals as well #kittens #white #cats #animals #cuteanimals #pets

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Don’t think about living, start living now and live like every day is your last. Have no regrets, take a chance, look after your health it is your wealth and worth investing in as without your health the rest is just a struggle. We only have one life so make it the best you can.

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