Something that really helped me through my darkest of days, helped me stop worrying so much and taking each day as it comes which is all we can do at the minute is Mindfulness

So over the weeks to come I will share lots of things that have helped me get to where I am today and hopefully one day will be a programme to help everyone with mental health issues

So here is what mindfulness is sounds so simply right but we get so caught up in our fast paced lives trying to fit in work and kids we forget just to take a minute to just sit still and take in the world

Everything is connected our thoughts can make us motivated, can make us eat the wrong things, not be a nice person but only we can change the negative to a positive

So if you are stressed mindfulness is great to help you to calm down, focus, remove thoughts from your head, look at life from a simpler viewpoint and to learn just to breath

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