Mindfulness is all about giving in many different ways

Mindfulness what does it mean?

Living in the moment

Not overthinking

Not dwelling on the past

Or worrying about the future

But just being present in the moment taking everything around you

Part of mindfulness is doing good deeds it makes you feel amazing and will benefit others and make them happy

So today I sent off my swans so I can be a blood stem cell donator which helps those who have blood cancer

Register at dkms.org.uk

I also have a pint of my blood away

If you are in good health then go and donate once you are registered you will receive a

Letter letting you know when the next one will take in your area. So easy to do and you could save a babies life, a child’s life a mum or dads life, a best friend, grandmother or grandfather, aunt or uncle.

We all can get sick or could be in an accident and this simple thing takes half an hour and could save someone’s life.

So don’t think about it just do it

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