❤️ Mindfulness Monday ❤️

Mindfulness Monday

So you hates all of these commercial holidays that are sent to make you spend money and feel crap about yourself???

Yes I’m talking about Valentines Day

Another time to get you to buy loads of stuff you can’t afford just to let someone know you love them

A simple kiss 💋 in the morning your own romantic meal at home, homemade gifts a love note or a poem I know I’m really an old romantic just like my fav chocolate bars on the outside and gooey in the middle

Yes I will be on my own this Valentines Day yes but sometimes it’s better to be on your own than with the wrong person

Last year my girls took me out for a meal and for me this is true love and the gifts I get from My kids

So this Valentines I am grateful for having love 💕 in my life unconditional love and I will also be practicing self love

For someone who has hated herself and punished herself most of her life due to her beliefs she was not good enough, brainy enough, skinny enough, good looking enough, not tall enough, not tanned enough, not blonde enough anyone else getting bored 😑

In order to truely love another person and find your soul mate you need to truely love yourself inside and out. From the little scars you’ve collected over the years from babies, accidents etc, broken bones, broken hearts embrace every scar as it holds a memory that will always be with you and valuable lessons to help you love and accept yourself for you you are and want to be not what other people expect

So this Valentine’s Day I will be treating myself to a bath 🛀 some fizzy drink 🍸 of some sort some dark choc a nice meal with my kids and a film and I will be surrounded by love that will never leave me

So to all of the single people, parents, there is someone who loves you may be a child, a parent, a sibling, a friend spend it with those who truely love you and value you for who you are

So forget about tinder, POF and blind dates this Valentines be grateful for the love you have in your life and your true love will find you when The time is right

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