Monday is a new day a new start

Monday amazing life transformations

Anthony’s story

6-Months ago I was a wreck. 16 stone, no muscle just fat, addicted to alcohol for years as a means to hide from my fears and daily anxiety issues would cripple me. Everyday was the same hell.

Then ISAGENIX! I doubted it from DAY ONE and thought it was a rip off. I had nothing to lose so I gave it a chance. Now I’m about 3-stone lighter, not had anything to drink in over 7.5 months and so much healthier and happier.

I’m still on a journey but these products are somehow helping me to heal from the inside out. Love them and so happy that I am prepared to love myself too by investing in my health in this way.

What is your story? When are you going to start a new page and start loving yourself and investing in you.

For more info just comment info below or pm me 👇

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