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So I have changed my fashion brand to I stock #sportswear including sexy sports bras and leggings, shorts, tops and hoodies.

equipment from weights, to yoga blocks to resistance bands. Smoothie makers you can use on the go and ones that even have a Bluetooth speaker in them.

Shoes, boots, sandals and trainers for working out, for the beach, for work, for nights out and for comfort as well as style.

handbags for all occasions, beach, work, school, days out and nights out.

Chic trousers, tops and dresses that can take you from work to out for a date or catching a movie with friends. Dress up with heels a nice bag and maybe even change your jacket and add some jewellery.

One of my favourite styles is #boho chic especially in the summer I love the #floral #dresses and #maxi dresses.

boho chic, trousers, jumper, cardigans, dresses, swimwear, coats, jewellery and accessories. The latest fitness gadgets. So go and have a look.

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