Morning struggles life struggles

👀 at the calendar and the clocks go back at the end of the month so driving home in the dark and not wanting to go outside just want to lie in front of the TV no that is so depressing.


so get your wellies and reflective gear go out for #walks #splashing in muddy puddles #cycles fresh air is such a cleanser for the head and the body.

Feel like shit in the dark mornings you’re not alone join the club every morning I knock off both alarms and fall asleep then everything is a rush to get the kids to school and I feel like shit #solution #gotobedearlier but I want to catch up on my programmes before bed I know but not good before bed best #bedtime routine snacks banana or cherry juice has melamine which helps make you tired #camomiletea #readabook #amazon  makes the eyes tired and distracts the mind from your real problems. Put your phone on charge and in #flightmode so easy to just pick up and read all the crap people put up on facebook and the funny stuff too addictive then the #browsing the shops #technology is evil. Also if you’re a #worrier and a #multitasker make lists at night of what all you need to do the next day so you’re mind can rest instead of worrying also #lavender sprays or drops are amazing just drop or spray on your pillow knocks you out #boots chemists.


Getting everything organised in the morning uniforms lunches etc makes the morning easier knowing all the shortcuts to school others haven’t discovered yet, being able to apply makeup while eating breakfast and srying my hair in 5 mins I have it down to a fine art all in an hour this morning half an hour.

always remember before you drive off on the car #takeafewdeepbreaths #mindfulness it might be what helps you cope in your day or prevents you from that silly accident on the way to work. #awareni


if you can change your morning drive take a Different route or change something you do in the morning keeps you’re mind active and you notice new things that #stimulate your brain, make you slow down and appreciate everything around us we are always rushing from one place to another just take a minute out of your day to appreciate life as for some it is very precious and when you realise it is very short you start to appreciate the little things like the sky at night, the stars, birds singing, collecting different coloured leaves, spotting a squirrel running across the road, kids laughing and having fun treasure these images these moments because one day you will not be able to appreciate the simple things in life and you will regret not living your life but merely existing. Mark you make me appreciate these little things because Life is so precious be strong, be brave, we love you.

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