Mother’s Day

I know it’s just another commercial day, but it’s also a day to stop and think about what your mum has done for you or what you have done for your own kids.

To remember and think of loved ones we’ve lost. Babies, children, mums, grandmothers. They were all amazing and they memories will live on in our hearts.

My day started with scrambled eggs and a coffee made by my beautiful daughters then I got a big box of surprises from them so sweet but the best is always the homemade cards and gifts.

My Mother’s Day Card from my youngest I love this with all my heart not a Picasso but sure she’s only 5.

So after all this I had some peace and quiet to read a few chapters of my book before I went downstairs to make their breakfast. Then we cuddled up on the sofa to watch Mamma Mia 2.

Then we got ourselves sorted and went out for a lovely walk round #hillsboroughforestpark I love it there I love walking round the lake and the picture opportunities so many breathtaking scenes including 2 swans building a nest for their little signets.

Then I got more presents from my mum so spoilt but the best bit is spending time together and watching the kids running about and having fun in the fresh air.

We stopped midway for a wee break I know it’s like a mile but takes us about two hours to get round. So a few giant chic buttons and an #eshot for me and we were on our way again.

I cant not also mention this amazing mummy who gave birth to 3 little white kittens and a lonesome black one. So cute I want to keep them all, she’s being such a good mummy.

Last night my brother came down and my niece and we all had a Chinese for tea. Special occasion and all I didn’t do too bad just a handful of chips but the honey chilli chicken wasn’t the healthiest but I don’t eat takeaways very often so it’s ok and it was a special occasion.

So now it’s back to Monday lots of exciting meetings and other things happening and back to some cleansing, more meditation and more getting out into the fresh air.

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